The Animals Also Need Our Help, This Is How You Can Save Our Zoo

We’re living in unprecedented times now as our country calls for a Movement Control Order (MCO) to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This post regarding the Zoo Negara went viral on Twitter, catching the attention of many Malaysians who showed an interest to help.

This MCO hasn’t only affected livelihood of many Malaysians but also the animals in our zoo. Zoo Negara has been forced to use their emergency funds, specifically created by the management of the Malaysian Zoological Society (MSZ) for such unforeseen circumstances, because of the lack of donation and ticket sales. 

According to Zoo Negara deputy president, Rosly @ Rahmat Ahmat Lanat, the fund is only sufficient to sustain the zoo’s operation for three months.

Rosly said, “It is a big challenge for us to cover the zoo’s operating costs during this temporary closure as Zoo Negara relies on ticket sales, space rentals, corporate sponsorships and public donations for income.”

He also added that so far, no organisations have come forward to contribute in the zoo’s fund. 

However, Rosly insisted that all the animals under their care are in good shape and that there are enough food supplies for now. 


How can we help?

The Zoo Negara has a “Adopt An Animal” campaign that helps maintain the well-being of the animal. If you wish to help, they have a few packages so you can choose from.

For more information, visit or feel free to contact Zoo Negara at +603-41083422/7/8 or email them at [email protected]