The Evolution Of Music Devices

Do you parents ever talk about how they used to go to the ‘disco’ and how they only had “one jukebox”? Or is that just mine?

The way we consume music nowadays is vastly different from the days of the good ol’ cassette and Walkman player. And way before we were brought into this world, the jukebox was the way to go instead of disturbing the DJ at the DJ booth. 

Did you know that the first ‘jukebox’ was installed at Palais Royal Saloon in San Francisco on this day in 1889 by a guy named Louis Glass ? That’s 124 years ago. Woah. 



Image: RockBot

Not the type of jukebox you were thinking right? Well, it was the first ‘nickle-in-the-slot’ phonograph’ or ‘first jukebox’. Yes, it is adorable and vintage but so is the very first iPod series, now…


The Record Player

Oldie and a goodie. We see these guys coming back in modernised forms because #retro


The Jukebox

Now this is the one you thought I meant wasn’t it? 😉


The Cassette


The Walkman


The Discman


The first iPod series

Feel old, yet?