The Key To A Good Night’s Sleep Is Nailing Down A Bed Time Ritual


How do you achieve a good night’s sleep?

I used to suffer from really bad insomnia that would stick with me for months at a time. At other times it would either be that I slept too much, I was constantly tired or that I was always in bed.

It was something that was linked to my depression at the time but I didn’t know how to overcome it, no matter how hard I tried. After all, the “link between sleep and mood has been seen over and over by researchers and doctors. For example, people with insomnia have greater levels of depression and anxiety than those who sleep normally. They are 10 times as likely to have clinical depression… The more a person experiences insomnia…the higher the chances of developing depression.” (The Sleep Foundation)

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential. As essential as it is for us to take a dump every morning. And if you’re anything like me:


Image: @nadirahamdan via Instagram

I then came across the Ariana Huffington’s elaborate bed time ritual that made me realise that if the Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post can achieve a good night’s sleep – then so can I. Many people called it the ‘Ariana Huffington Sleep Experiment’ and they couldn’t believe how well they slept after a week. 

I never experimented with this but it inspired me to come up with a bed time ritual of my own. For all of you who has ever suffered from serious lack of sleep; whether its from bad dreams, insomnia or just never waking up refreshed – hopefully my bed time ritual will serve as an inspiration to you in figuring out your own.

The Ritual

Having a warm shower

Rinse your body and calm your muscles after a day’s work. It’s always unbelievably refreshing and having clean feet before you get into bed is always a good start.

Cuppa tea

I’d brew a lovely cup of tea and leave it to cool while I moisturize my body (soft skin in the morning, win!)

Setting the mood

Light a scented candle that instantly sets the mood of absolute homeyness. Or as the Danish call it, Hygge.

I’d switch on my bedside lights that’ll create the perfect lighting and either work to tie up some loose ends before the next day or attend to unanswered WhatsApp messages. This would also be the only time I get to myself to scroll the F out of my social media spaces.

Shut off social media

This is absolutely essential. Our phones have become an extension of us. We already spend so much of our day digesting information and talking to people – it’s good to make sure you cut off for awhile.

To do this, I set myself a time for when I just silence my phone and put it far away from me. It’s actually REALLY difficult (especially if you’re a digital content producer for a magazine) but you just gotta forget about late night texting those douchebags – you got beauty sleep to catch up on!