The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Slimmer Body


As your virtual best friend, we understand your dilemma of wanting a bikini body without having to spend your free time at the gym. We know it is so much easier to take the elevator or to cook yourself a bowl of Maggi curry for dinner; and in times like this, you’ll wish you came across this article earlier.

Introducing the Bliss Fatgirlslim range, now you can combat that stubborn belly pooch and sleep your way to a lean and toned body!


Bliss Fatgirl Sixpack, RM169

For Killer Abs!

Fatgirl Sixplack is the first slimming system designed to help sculpt a six-pack by releasing firming and toning ingredients with a built-in applicator that massages the formula into the muscles to activate your abs. This toning gel not only helps to achieve a slimmer midriff but also detoxifies and stimulates circulation from the inside, resulting in a more permanent and longer-lasting effect!


Bliss Love Handler, RM169

Bye Bye Muffin Top!

Infused with slimming properties such as caffeine, menthol and creatine, Love Handler is a workout in a bottle that targets the midsection to diminish any signs of a jelly belly, spare tyre and muffin top. This lightweight gel formula is even proven to enhance and improve your waist contour in just two weeks!



Bliss Fatgirl Scrub, RM169

Cellulite Be Gone!

Storing away your shorts and miniskirts because you feel insecure about the appearance of cellulite on your thighs? Well, it’s time to bring them back out because Fatgirl Scrub is here to your rescue! This skin-smoothing body exfoliator enhances circulation and preps the skin for cellulite treatments. For best results, we suggest treating your cellulites twice a day by massaging the scrub onto damp skin, rinsing it off and following up with your preferred Bliss cellulite treatment.


Bliss Fatgirl Sleep, RM169

Get Your ‘Booty’ Sleep!

A more potent version of Bliss’s best-selling Fatgirl Slim, Fatgirl Sleep allows you to ‘snooze and lose’… literally! It contains active ingredients that encourage fat burning and calming properties to give you a good night’s sleep. Just massage the creamy formula onto cellulite-prone areas such as your thighs, buttocks and abdomen right before bedtime to improve the appearance of cellulite.


Bliss Fatgirl Slimulator, RM99

Slim It!

Did you know regular massages can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite? The Fatgirl Slimulator is a rubber scrubber with a nubby surface that stimulates circulation within your body, which helps diminish water retention and trapped toxins! With a “press, rotate and roll” motion, incorporate a quick massage in the shower with this cellulite-busting tool, then complete your regimen with the rest of the Fatgirlslim products for an ultimate rear-view redo!