These Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S20 Will Amaze You

It’s a brand new vision this 2020 when Samsung revealed the brand-new Galaxy S20. Why, do you say? In this tech and content-obsessed world, it’s only logical that you want the very best to have with you so you can shoot at a moment’s notice. And this may signal the final days for your SLR or any other external gadgets because the Samsung Galaxy S20 has it all in just one device!

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With colour choices like these, who wouldn’t be tempted??

With a brand new camera system that’s powered by AI and Samsung’s biggest image sensor yet, there’s so much content that’s going to be unpacked by you the people. Now, everyone can create content!

Read on about the features of the phone that we think will have you hooked from the first tap. Ready, set, shoot!

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You’ll Love: The High-Quality Images And Videos 

Go against the grain — gone are the days of dark images in low light as the Galaxy S20 has tripled the size of their sensor so you can shoot more and see more.  With this and their AI means that switching to Night Mode means you can almost shoot nighttime scenes as though you’re in daylight.

In low light, the camera system can capture multiple photos at once, merging them into one shot with less blur and less noise.

Stabilise yourself! The larger sensor and anti-rolling stabilizer balances camera movement so your footage won’t turn out blurry and unstable, but super smooth.

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