These Four Malaysian Photographers Will Stun You With Their Travel Photography

Sometimes, you need to see things from a different point of view. Here are some secrets from well-seasoned travel photographers for you to get that shot. Image credit: Faris Fakri

Text and interviews Syahirah Khairuddin Photography Courtesy of Faris, Jeremy, Razlan and Izuddin

There are times when one can see details in a way that others simply can’t. In photography, anyone can own the same equipment, but not all have the ability to use the gear or harness it features with the utmost creativity for outcomes that can move others. On that note, inspiration may come from anywhere, but for photographers Faris Fakri, Razlan Yusof, Jeremy Lai and Izuddin Helmi, the different perspectives and vantage points (literally) elevate their photography and travel snaps to newer heights.

#TeamCLEO talked to them to learn about their beginnings, what it takes to get that shot, and how creativity takes them places.

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Faris Fakri (@Farisfakri)

“Early on, my family and friends were my favourite subjects for practice and experimenting what I self-learned in photography,” Faris said. “They were more than just portraits — it was the emotion that I captured from my subjects that got me immensely intrigued.”

The photographer exploring Pulau Kapas


A stunning scape of Pulau Kapas

Employing the aid of drones, Faris says scouting an area and visualising the shot is key. ”With practice, not only will you get better footage or pictures, but you also optimise the drone’s battery life (they last 15 to 20 minutes) so you really have to be quick and precise.”

A drone shot of a Terengganu beach


From the top of Bukit Singa, Pulau Kapas

As for equipment, Faris uses the Panasonic Lumix GH5 and DJI Mavic Air.

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