There Is Such A Thing As Clear Coffee And You’ll Never Stain Your Teeth Again!

I’m torn between my love for coffee and the whiteness of my teeth but my morning cuppa joe ends up taking the prize home as I furiously try to brush out the stains on my teeth. If there’s blood in your caffeine like me, this clear coffee concept doesn’t sound too shabby… Who knew such a thing as colourless coffee would resolve our coffee problems? All the caffeine your heart desires and none of the brownness says Clr Cff.

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Brothers and co-founders, Adam and David Nagy, have refused to divulge how they stripped colour from coffee. Impressively, the product claims to be free of preservatives, artificial flavours, sweeteners, or stabilisers.

The ingredients list on its website also states only water, coffee and caffeine in Clr Cff.

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It’s hard to tell if this will actually be a thing or if it’ll fade faster than Crystal Pepsi, but you gotta admit that this concept is undeniably intriguing and I really do wanna give it a try… My question is, does it also taste like coffee? What if I wanted milk in it?!

For now, Clr Cff is only available in the UK and Slovakia.


*First seen on Mashable.