The 4 Things I Know Now After Attending Good Vibes Festival 2019

Good Vibes Festival, thank you for all the good vibes… <3 Photo credit: All Is Amazing/Good Vibes Festival

The modern world has now seen the marriage of super technology with music streaming. We can listen to whatever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want, and it’s totally legal. This sorcery has democratised music and its enjoyment and the way we experience music when the amazing acts do make it to our shores.

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Even though I attended some music fests in Australia in my Uni years and eventually Urbanscapes back here, I had never made it to a Good Vibes Festival. This year was my very first, and as a total #noob, I over-prepared in some aspects, and not of others.

#TeamCLEO had a roster of artists to interview, AND we had to enjoy ourselves and brave the human traffic that would have been 20,000 festgoers. So here’s where the anxiety set it: How were we going to manage all that AND still enjoy ourselves and everything the great people at Good Vibes Festival had put together for the year?

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This is beyond just bringing wet wipes and rainboots — here are some major tips that everyone should remember for next year’s Good Vibes Festival *prepares from now*.

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Us @ GVF 2020

You know the saying, something something invest in something — okay yes surely there’s some by Warren Buffet or Beyonce floating around the Internet about putting money towards your future. But behold this one quote by #TeamCLEO that will change your GVF experience forever: “Thou shalt invest in VIP tickets of Good Vibes Festival and ye shall reap the rewards“.

We kid, but while GA experience is phenomenal, it can get crowded, messy, and you’ll ultimately get too far away from the stage from your favourite acts.

Ok fine, if you mosh, you might be ~*THIS*~ close to Rae Sremmurd

Especially if you’re too precious to mosh, the VIP area was definitely the best vantage point to enjoy everything the festival could offer, with space to sit down and relax comfortably and imbibe the energy of the two nights.

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