The Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To A Music Festival

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I’ve been to a total of only TWO music festivals on all the years I’ve lived on this planet – and after each one, I’ve learned something different. I plan to bring each lesson forward with me to my next one (because, let’s face it I’m obviously going to go to another one) to ensure I’m mentally prepared for them music festival vibes for when it reaches its PEAK.

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2017 was jam packed with adventures – from interviewing AURORA to bumping into Mr. Carmack and to embracing the rain storm that beckoned upon us all day. I shan’t be shy in sharing all the things I wish I knew before going to this music festival.

To wear waterproof mascara

I learned from my last Laneway that it’s always best to wear waterproof mascara. Your make up will stay on freakin’ fleek and you’ll look less like a drowned cat.

ALWAYS bring a poncho

I mean, I was stubborn enough to think we’d be fine without a poncho but obviously our web writer Shyafika knew better than I did. Why? Well…

Bring your power bank(s)

It’s worth it. Don’t even try and be coy into thinking you won’t need it because you don’t want to be ‘carrying extra’. It’ll be your life saver and how else are you gonna snap photos if your phone is dead? DO IT FOR THE ‘GRAM, GIRL!

That I was going to interview AURORA

I mean, I knew I was going to interview her I just didn’t expect her to be SO FRIGGIN’ COOL.

The Norwegian singer was a quick-witted, bubbly ball of fire and loved every second of that interview! For someone who has never been on this side of the globe before, the twenty year old was incredibly friendly and easy going.

We spoke about her beauty must-haves for when she’s out on tour and she spilled the beans on her most memorable performance and why.
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To always bring face mist

This will do you wonders and it’ll become your little lifesaver. The face mist will help cool you down while being in the heat all day.

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That I’d bump into Mr. Carmack

I first came to hear of Hawaii-based music producer, Mr. Carmack AKA Aaron Carmack’s music on a radio show called Soulection Radio where I instantly became a fan.

Come to my surprise when my scheduled interview with him got cancelled but as fate would have it, I ended up recognizing him as he was walking past me and man, was he a sight for sore eyes.

Oh you know, just Mr. Carmack and some drenched rat.

His set at Laneway Festival in Singapore was absolutely KILLER. I shouldn’t have been surprised that he’s constantly killing it because, well… Mr. Carmack.

That I was going to have the best Salted Egg Chicken Burger of my life

Seriously, we even had french fries with pure salted egg sauce and now I know what it feels like to have an orgasm in my mouth.

Always wear cheap shoes

Because I can almost guarantee you that yours will end up like this and you’ll just regret wearing your favourite shoes to a music festival