11 Things To DEFINITELY Know Before Your Graduation Day

Two semesters ago was my last hurrah as an undergrad. Even until this day, I could still remember the joy of no alarm snoozing, just me and my determination to catch up on sleep. But more so important than kip, there’s a process I’ve been eagerly stretching my neck for and that’s graduation!

I had no time to sit and twiddle fingers because preparing for the ceremony was a back-breaking job. Now looking back at the memories, how I wished there was someone to fuel me up with some tips and advice. For the love of my juniors, I came up with a list and here’s when you should all start paying attention.

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What to know before graduating

Not everybody can be in the hall

As I was the first in my family to graduate, my parents got a little frantic with whom to invite to the graduation ceremony. It broke their hearts when I explained each graduate could only have three guests seated in the hall (there weren’t enough tickets to cover my immediate family, we’re a family of five btw). So what we did was make our problem known to the usher, and have the ‘extra guest’ loiter around the waiting area. They’ll be called into the hall when there are empty seats. If not, there’s usually an area where guests can watch the ceremony live from another screen.

You’ll get a dummy certificate on stage

The certificate you receive on stage is a FAKE! Yes, you’ll be walking across the stage to take an empty scroll or folder with your school logo on it, just for the photos. It could be a preventive measure the college or university takes to avoid snafu, just so graduates won’t get a certificate that’s not theirs or forget to return their robes. You know how there will be people who decide not to show up at the eleventh hour, and unannounced absence will just havoc the sequence of the graduates’ name list.

you can’t gift flowers during the ceremony

What is a graduation without flowers? Even if you don’t have a boyfriend, you’ll most likely still be showered with lots of large bouquets by friends and family to the extent where you can’t even carry all of them in your arms.

Most universities have a ‘no flower in the hall’ policy, so you would have to leave them outside. So if you picked up the hint that your friends and family are planning on gifting you one, give them a heads up so their love tokens won’t go to waste.

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