Top 5 Glamping Spots In Malaysia That Will Change Your Staycation Game

Let’s be honest — not everyone has the knack for camping. But that doesn’t mean we’re completely thrown off by the idea. For whatever reason you aren’t interested in camping, “glamping” will change that! The whole point of being outdoors is to relax and unwind. Embracing Mother Nature is definitely great for our body and soul but it’s not always easy on our wallets. Thanks to the geniuses who invented “Glamping” now we can get away with being adventurous glamorously without breaking the bank — or our tent!

Here are some of the top “Glamping” spots in Malaysia for every budget that will change your staycation game!

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Tadom Hills

(Image: Tadom Hills)

Whether you’re going alone for some TLC or planning a reunion with a group of friends, Tadom Hills offers eco-friendly room styles that will suit your needs. From unique bamboo chalets to Eco tents, there are honestly a lot to choose from! This little gem is located in Banting, Selangor with plenty of activities to occupy yourselves with for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Learn traditional Orang Asli dance. (Image: Tadom Hills)

Go abseiling with your friends. (Image: Tadom Hills)

Release your stress with the flying fox. (Image: Tadom Hills)

Location: Tadom Hill Resorts, No.2, Jalan Bukit Tadom, (Kampung Orang Asli) Kampung Labohan Dagang, 42700 Banting, Selangor

Approximately: 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes from Kuala Lumpur

Starting from RM65 per night

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