Here Are The Top Cities To Live For Millennials

Every once in a while we’ll hear about a friend moving to a different country, whether it’s a family migration or for work. And it’s great when a BFF tells you they got a job someplace else! The experience you get from living and working abroad is priceless.

Maybe you recently got a job offer in another country and you’re seriously considering going. The pay’s better, you enjoy the lifestyle in that place, or it’s just something totally different from what you’re used to and you’re feeling up for the change. There are plenty of reasons why people move away from home.

That rush you feel when you explore a new city

Where are most peeps in our age group moving to? And why? We know from talking to our friends and all, but Will Hofmann, Senior Analyst at ValueChampion, an international consumer research group, has done an actual study on this based on data they found on 20 of Asia-Pacific’s cities.

Based on his research, 4 out of 5 millennials are willing to move country for work according to the World Economic Forum. We’re thinking that’s actually not a totally surprising statistic.

Here’s where most millennials are heading to and why those cities are appealing to them. You can consider these places for your big move in the future, too. I mean, who knows?

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Time to learn the Japanese language. Image: Shutterstock

Anyone really into Terrace House RN? Watching that show will seriously make you want to move to this amazing city where everything looks so…pretty.

Tokyo was second in ValueChampion’s research on the best cities for millennials. It has a strong, growing economy and a reasonable cost of living. And did we mention it’s really pretty?

Japan’s unemployment rate is only 2.5 per cent and its GDP per capita is among the highest of the cities ValueChampion studied. That means people can find well-paying jobs there!

Based on their research, people tend to spend less of their income on rent there as well. It also was in the top 5 for quality of living because of the city’s low pollution and safety.

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