Where To Travel In 2018 Based On Your Chinese Horoscope

As we close off the 2017 Chinese calendar and set sail for a new year, it’s the perfect time to embark on exciting adventures you’ll be able to cherish forever.

Travelling doesn’t only increase opportunities, but it can also welcome positive energy into one’s life, especially if you’ve been feeling burnt out from work or need a break from daily routine. Planning a vacation can be a little overwhelming and if you don’t know where to start, we’ve got the inside scoop from a Metaphysical Coach, Master Seldan via Expedia to give us his guidance tailored for each Chinese zodiac sign.

To travel is one thing but picking a destination tailored for Fengshui is definitely an epic way to kick off 2018 with good vibes.

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If You’re Born in the Year of the Dog

With 2018 being the year of man’s best friend (while some may argue that cats are a good alternative), it’s time to hustle up your best pals for a well-deserved getaway to keep your spirits high!

Sample the freshest sushi and sashimi in the Land of the Rising Sun. Ignite your inner culture vulture and fly from Malaysia to Kyoto, Japan, the formal capital city where you can wander among historic temples and castles set amidst lush greenery.

Kyoto, Japan

Or, set your sights on Kalimantan, the Indonesian side of BorneoFamous for their native headhunters of the past, Kalimantan today is a breathtaking destination that’s home to world renowned heritage sites, islands, and national parks where you can spend days on end just exploring the scenic surroundings.

Kalimantan, Borneo (Image: Marc Veraart)

Destinations to visit in Kalimantan include Balikpapan (city and launchpad to dive sites), Maratau Island (clear waters and sea turtles), Banjarmasin (cultural city facing Gunung Meraratus), Pontianak (city, not the hantu). After all your adventures, treat your taste buds to the sumptuous and authentic local Kalimantan cuisine.

Your zodiac travel buddies: Tiger, Rabbit or Horse

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