Trust The Japanese Artisans To Release A Range Of Miniature Furniture For Cats

Before having furry friends of my own, I was quick to judge folks who bought excessive fixtures for their pets. That being said, I can now admit that I only cringed at the matter because I didn’t have a cat to smother with wet kisses and that the available furniture then was straight up tacky.

Scratch pole? Sure, but a mini bed frame with a mattress? Brilliant. My cat ‘Chewy’ knows design when she sees it.

The new campaign ‘craftsman MADE’ by the brand Okawa Kagu from Japan has re-produced a down-sized version of their existing high-quality crafted full-scale furniture.

Your Neko Atsume dreams can now be a reality, just look at how comfortable these fancy felines are!

Image: Okawa Kagu

The pine wood sofa shown above was designed by local artisan Hiromatsu and the dark wooden bed below by Tateno Mokuzai.

Image: Okawa Kagu

If you can understand Japanese, here’s a video explaining the concept. Non-Japanese speakers will enjoy how CUTE this is nevertheless.