How To Turn Off All Your Alarms At Once For The Long Holiday – iPhone

END YEAR IS HERE. But, however hard I will time to go back to when I was in high school, it never budges!

So, like any other grown as*ed employed human being, I find solace in things like… 4 day weekends! YAY, SELANGORRR! Things were actually going pretty great until….

Piece. Of. SHIZNICKLES AND UNHOLY THINGS. My alarms started ringing! It’s not like I could just get up, turn all of them off, and fall peacefully back asleep. My body was so used to a routine, I was hella wide awake. At 7am. On a weekend. A long weekend.


I know it sounds a little weird, but I have two alarms set on two separate cellphones. And to make things worse, I have a habit of setting a whole bunch of alarms in case I may have slept through a few – which is never the case, but whatever.

If you’re just as anal, I may have a solution for you! TURN OFF ALL YOUR ALARMS AT ONCE.



Brace yourselves, noobs. You’ll first have to enable Siri. Once that’s done, call upon her. When she replies, ask politely “Siri, please TURN OFF all my alarms“. It really is that simple. To turn them back on, it’s the same method.