10 Ways You Can Visit Two Places In One Trip With Your Travel BFF

Solo trips are great for when you need that time alone to self-reflect and have an extended amount of me-time. We’re all for it! But going on holiday with your best friend or partner can make your trip really memorable and plus, you’ll always have a witness to your crazy adventures. And not to mention, we wouldn’t mind having our #InstagramBoyfriend tagging along to help with capturing content for Instagram.

Instead of heading to just one place, why not make the most of out your leaves and kill two birds with one stone? Thanks to the peeps at Klook, here’s a list of places to travel to where you can explore two cities in one trip.

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Singapore and Johor Bahru

Time to feast! Image: Courtesy of Klook

Travelling doesn’t mean you need to go very far to have a great experience. It’s nice to explore places nearby and there’ll also be less travelling time. Head to Singapore for a taste of the country’s local food.

Take your beau on dinner dates he’ll remember for years overlooking the skyline on the Singapore Flyer! If you’re both looking to save some cash or prefer a lowkey dinner, bring him to Chinatown Food Street. Not only will you have plenty of dishes to choose from, you can order a lot more since it’s more affordable.

Rollercoaster lovers will enjoy the theme parks in JB! Image: Courtesy of Klook

Once you’ve satisfied your palates in Singapore, take a drive or a flight to Johor Bahru for the theme parks! It seems like Johor is the place for the rollercoaster lover because the city has quite a number of theme parks, such as Legoland, Sanrio Hello Kitty and the Angry Birds Activity Park.

Getting from Singapore to Johor Bahru

Rent a private car transfer and it’ll save you the hassle. It’ll take around an hour and 15 minutes to get there.

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