Types of Party Goers In Kuala Lumpur

I don’t know about you, but I had my mind set on only one thing for this long weekend – Compensating for the lack of my social life, and squeezing whatever energy of youth I have left before it all goes to hell.

I could’ve actually been having social anxiety from not having been out in awhile, but I really couldn’t help but suddenly notice the very different types of party goers around!

So what are the types out there?


The POP & Lock-er

Shades on – in the middle of an indoor night gig. We all have that one friend who always needs to major feels to the music. They’re the ones who can’t sit still, and are constantly popping and locking, if not finding some new way to dance and move. This person’s usually in the zone, or ultra friendly.


The Chugger

This person may as well have been walking into the space with a beer can in hand. At any event, this friend’s probably trying to catch up, or trying to makeup for having previously drank a glass of water. There are 2 types of chuggers out there – one who chugs on his own, and the other, well, let’s just say you may not want to be around if you can’t hold your drink!


The Creep

If you’re not attempting to pull this friend back from a CLEARLY weirded out human being close by, you may be that poor human being that is totally freaked out by this person. If the latter, you’ve already been violated without even having this person come close enough for physical contact! The former may not be as traumatising, but it would entail apologising profusely for the company you’re keeping LOL.


The Munch-kin

Do I need to explain further? If you’re not it, there’s always that one friend who has their priorities right.


The Avoider

We have all been on both sides of this category – the avoider, or the avoid-ee. It’s funny because when you spot this person, you can see the clear discomfort this person is feeling right then and there; definitely wishing they were some other place at the moment! Or, you could just have a friend that really can’t keep it in their pants. In that case, this person would be it pretty all the time LOL.


The Rager

The enthusiastic party goer, with apparent confidence. This person can probably be heard agreeing to any crazy idea your influenced selves have concocted, if not powdering their noses every 20 minutes or so.


The Awkward Turtle

You can’t help but feel for this person when spotted, because we’ve all at some point in our lives, been there before. There’s a spectrum with this type of party goer too – some being more bold, and attempting to make it work, while others may be in a corner, happily and quietly sipping away at their drink.