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Unknown Facts Of Your Childhood’s Favourite Comics And Mangas

Remember that frame of time in your life where you had no responsibilities? No deadline to catch, no rush. Always enjoying every second of your time, as slow as you probably could swing by the day. I remember how easy it was to swiftly read through books in that phase of my life. If I didn’t have a book in my hand, I would be flipping through comics/mangas to giggle about (I had a stash in my bathroom bookshelf to fill.. up… time… TMI? Okay).

Collecting comics became an addictive damage to my allowance since young. I always needed all the series to be perfectly aligned in the numerical order, or else what was the purpose of organization anyways? Sorry, a little OCD won’t hurt.

If you can relate to this and miss your old book stash, let me bring you down a cruise on memory lane, along with some facts you probably didn’t know as a child.

1. Archie Comics


(image: Generation Exploitation)

Did you know? There was a time where Archie came out with a TV series…

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2. Doraemon Manga


(image: manga wiki)

Doraemon is directly translates as “Stray Male Cat”, if any of you were unsure of its gender…

(image: parhlo)

(image: parhlo)

3. Detective Conan Manga


(image: Detective Conan World)

Conan has two cell-phones, one he uses as Conan and one he uses as Shinichi.

(image: wikiwand)

(image: wikiwand)

4. Lat, The Kampung Boy


(image: Coconuts SG)

Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid or better known as Lat, the author, was once a crime reporter and drew cartoons to supplement his income — a hobby he had started at the age of nine.

(image: The Star)

(image: The Star)

5. Crayon Shin Chan Manga


(image: terapeak)

Shin Chan troubles everyone but Shin Chan is only troubled by his sister Himawari Nohara.

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