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Viewing Kuala Lumpur At 1,500ft In The Air

Kuala Lumpur is already a real sight to see while you’re on the ground but it’s a whole different ball game when you’re viewing it from up above in a helicopter. That’s right, a helicopter.

KL Sky Tour offers a pretty sensational life experience and it’s not one to miss. With packages offering different views and time durations, you get to sit in a Robinson R44 and rise above the skyscrapers and watch the hustle and bustle of the city from way up high. A must-do experience at some point in your life, especially if you’re a resident in this mind-blowing city.

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The KL Express

If you’re conscious for time, this package takes you around the city’s most iconic landmarks,

Duration: 6 minutes

Price: RM630 inclusive of GST 

The City Explorer

Not only are you exploring the city centre and its iconic structures but you also get to see sights such as Batu Caves and the Kings Palace.

Duration: 15 minutes

Price: RM1552 inclusive of GST 

The Jungle Escape 

Along with views of the concrete jungle, you get to view the real jungles surrounding KL city. View KL’s rainforests and treetops from up above!

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: RM3053 inclusive of GST 

The Mountain View 

Fly at 6,000 ft over valleys and mountains to Genting Highlands and experience all of KL from way up!

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: RM4412 inclusive of GST 

Meet Jonas

Our pilot, Jonas, is a fine Swedish gentleman who, thank God, didn’t go deaf with my shrieks of mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness when he would swerve a sharp right of the vehicle.

How many flights do you do on a daily basis?

The amount of flights per day varies a lot, but I would estimate about 6-7 flights in average and up to 12 on a good day.

What are the areas you’re not supposed to fly over?

Yeah, there are some restrictions. We can’t fly directly over the Istana Negara (Kings Palace) and we can’t get too close to the buildings in the city center. But this has no impact on our flights or what we can see from the aircraft.

Do you ever get sick of the view? 

Well, the view is amazing and it does change depending on the weather, time of day and so on. But really, what gets me is that every now and then as I look out over the beautiful view of KL, I am reminded that this is what I do and that is a very calming situation. So, no, I don’t get sick of it!

Check out our adventure up in the sky!


For more information visit KL Sky Tour or email [email protected]


*Photography and Videography courtesy of Nazrul Tahir.

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