Vying For The Vespa

This is one hot fashion accessory you’ll want to take everywhere!

Wind-swept hair, a sweet spaghetti-strapped sundress clinging to our body, casually cruising around the city of Rome on a cool Vespa… This has been a romantic daydream that has run through our minds at least once in our lifetime. So imagine our excitement when we found out about the existence of the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani.

The product of a joint collaboration between Armani and Piaggio, the Vespa 946 combines the best of both worlds and is a modern reinterpretation of the original Vespa.

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The chic colour palette – which is a trademark for the fashion heavyweight is complemented by red leather and luxury finishes. This bad-boy has risen quickly to the top of our wish list. With one of these, breezing through Kuala’s Lumpur traffic will not be your only forté – you’ll also stop traffic and turn heads.

Biking Babes

Some of Hollywood’s hottest hunks have got us all revved up with their big, badass bikes.


david-beckham-spotted-riding-a-confederate-f131-hellcat-25872_2Credit: autoevalution

Retired football legend star has gotten off the field and onto the tracks. He is sporting the look with a F131 Hellcat Combat.


3keanureeves630Credit: Riderswest

The only way to turn that frown upside down is by putting him on his Arch KRGT-1 bike
or his classic beast, Norton Commando.


orlando-bloom-motorbikeCredit: coolcarsandbikes

Bloom is a complete motorcycle devotee and is often out and about on his bikes. He has been seen riding a new Norton Commando 961 SE at the Festival of Speed and a 1941 WWII Army relic.


ryan-reynolds-triumph-thruxton-cafe-racer-740x494Credit: silodrome

Hot Mr Blake Lively gets his kicks from riding fast. He says taking long rides on the open road where “you’re at play with the environment — you are in essence, I think, meditating.”