Want To Twerk And Tone Your Booty? Try A BUMMP Class At Babel Fit

We get that there is a level of trepidation when you sign up for certain workouts around town thanks to the fitness revolution happening in the Klang Valley. With apps like ClassPass and boutique gyms opening up such as Babel which bring a whole world of fitness and different types of workout classes to the masses, you can have a taste of a form of workout or body work that you may have never been able to before this.

Sweaty, happy faces!

#TeamCLEO tried the BUMMP class at Babel Fit KLCC and of course we had all sorts of questions before going in. So that’s why we’re here — to answer any FAQs you may have before trying out this brand new class — BUMMP is a hybrid between a booty workout & dance.

We survived (yes kinda! In a good way…) and here’s what you need to know so you get clicking on signing up to try your hand (or posterior?) at twerking!

1. It’s for all levels

BUMMP is for all levels of dancers or people. For one member of TeamCLEO, she was completely new to dancing, and managed to get through all the moves and the class.

2. It combines fitness and dancing

It starts out with some exercises and conditioning, including some explosives. Jam and sweat it out to 30 minutes of lower body workout, with 30 minutes of booty/twerk-inspired moves from dancehall, afro and more. So first it’s exercising and conditioning work for half an hour, which can be tough. Make sure you stretch and warm up before time.

Instructor Donna got us grooving!

3. It’s a lot of fun!

It’s a given — you’ll blast through your calories and before you know it, you’ll be sad that the class is wrapping up.

4. You. Will. Be. Sore.

The day after. The week after. You’ll be in pain. Your legs will be jelly. But we swear the results are a twerkable, peach-perfect behind that you wouldn’t

5. You need to try it!

The schedules are on the Babel Dance Instagram highlight and are updated every week. Click on and register or know more.

Click play to see what went down when we tried the BUMMP pop-up at Babel KLCC!