Well, Now That You’re Legal…

You’ve been waiting 21 years for this moment – it’s crunch time, folks. Say goodbye to the teenage dream and start getting familiar at the adults table. To set celebrations in order for the once in a lifetime birthday milestone, we’ll be going through the few things you can now do without having sneak around any longer!

1. Get drunk in the glory of your youth, ‘Cause it’s all downhill from here on out. RESPONSIBILITIES, COME AT ME BRO!

2. Register to vote. At least you’ve done your part to back up all of the strong political rants on Facebook that always grabs people’s attention.

3. Become an Uber Driver. The extra bucks you can make in your free time will only do you good in this period of your life and perhaps even for the future. It’s never too early to save up.

4. Buy your own property. Or at least start listing it as one of your targets from now on. It’s ambitious but think of it as a good investment! Seek legal advice if you’re planning to take any steps where you’re not sure where your money is going, please.

5. Buy a car – without a guarantor! Nothing says adulthood like a thousand commitments on hand.