What’s Trending From Around The Web This Week

Today marks the beginning of your weekly dose of bits and bobs from around the world wide web with us. Within #TeamCLEO, there are always links being passed around like little notes in a classroom. Now we’re passing our list to you! If you’ve got interesting topics you’d like us to dive into — tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Take a scroll down for trending topics that has been floating on our timelines this week:

1. Hijabi Crush
A musician that never stops to inspire. Yuna made her way on the cover of Vogue Arabia’s lens section in their August issue. It’s safe to say that she looks drop dead gorgeous! In future we hope we’ll be able to spot her on newsstands worldwide *winkwink*

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2. Lust For Life
There’s no room for summertime sadness, this season everyone has Lana Del Rey’s latest album on repeat. Can you believe that “Video Games” surfaced six summers ago? You can read all about her sublime new album on Pitchfork. Watch the romantic video of the album’s first track ‘Love’.

3. Teeny Weeny Sunglasses
Style revival: 90’s frames are back! Albeit it’s not technically practical for UV ray protection (please wear a ton of sunscreen) this eyewear trend definitely strikes as a statement piece. Harper’s Bazaar breaks down the retro sunglasses comeback and how to rock ’em in your own way.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar

4. Jewelry For Green Thumbs
If you didn’t already know, millennials are obsessed with houseplants. I’ve fallen into the deep end of this stereotype and surely there is no way back. Aside from parenting succulents, there’s an option to actually wear your greens as jewelry. ANOTHER LEVEL! Shop these babies on www.wearableplanter.com for more information.

Image: Wearable Planter

5. Stop, Breathe & Think
When was the last time you felt the peak of relaxation? If you can’t find the time to hit a meditation session, then create the zen space in your own time. Personally I enjoy ones that are guided, it’s refreshing for the brain to combat stress. Check into these meditation apps that are available for both iOS and Android to enlighten your soul.

Image: PC Mag

6. Rihanna’s Weight Gain
Trust twitter to utilize memes to its fullest potential. The press tour for ‘Valerian‘ has sparked rumours in regards to Rihanna’s weight gain has led people to believe that she may be ?pregnant? Either way, she’s looking as fabulous as ever. Thin or thick, bad gal RiRi knows how to attract a crowd and clearly entertain us too, follow her instagram and you’ll know what i’m saying.

“eyes up here” ?

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