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What You Should Be Doing This Weekend In Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to the first weekend of March (HOW DID WE GET HERE?!) and you’re clearly here because you need to find something else to do this weekend rather than waking up hungover!

From gigs, exhibitions to markets, this is where and what you should be doing this weekend!

do good while you shop for yourself atA Few Of My Favourite Thingson saturday, 4th of march 2017

Image: A Few of My Favourite Things Facebook

Check out the exquisite collaboration of fashion, accessories, lifestyle products, sportswear and jewelry from all of our favourite local and international labels at ‘A Few Of My Favourite Things‘.

Hosted by Malaysian based print & pattern house, Owl By Dowlani, the event is in benefit of Nimble Fingers Cambodia; a child empowerment programme based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The best part? 20% of all sales from the event will be donated to Nimble Fingers Cambodia! Find out more at:


Tower A, Sky Lounge, 11 Mont Kiara.

Go back in time at Flashback to Analouge 2.0 on Saturday, 4th of March 2017

Image: Flashback to Analouge 2.0 Facebook Page

If you’re a camera buff, you’ll have to have your hand at discovering and embracing analouge photography. Spend time trading ideas, discuss with fellow analogue photography enthusiasts, or just to expand your collection this Saturday!


Battery Acid Club.

Help out local creatives at Black Market Weekend on saturday, 4th – sunday 5th of march 2017

Image: Black Market Weekend Facebook Page

Treat yourself to rare pieces, samples, past seasons, pre-loved, vintage collections that are going for a steal at this market! Vinyl lovers will also be in for a surprise at this market’s music section.

A weekend of get-together with booze, music and and of course, air-con; scope for vintage finds at the Black Market Weekend! 

A weekend of get-together with booze, music and air-con at Slate @The Row. We like. Don’t be shy, drop us a hello email or come say hi.


Slate @ The Row.

Have a chat at Artist Talk: Taring Padi on Saturday, 4th of March 

Image: Artist Talk: Taring Padi Facebook Page

Taring Padi is a community of underground artists formed during the days of social upheaval, following the fall of Suharto in 1998. This group deploys art as a tool of information to highlight social, political, and economic concerns faced by the Indonesian populace. A voice for marginalised communities, Taring Padi creates art to both educate and provide a platform to raise issues faced by these communities.

Two of Taring Padi’s representatives, Mohamad Yusuf and Yunanto Setio Broto will be at ILHAM Gallery to talk about the collective’s history and its development over the years. The talk will be divided in three parts:

1. A screening of a 30-minute film: “Art, Activism and Rock ‘n Roll” which tells the story of Taring Padi’s early development and their activities when they were based at the Indonesian Art Institution’s ex- campus in Yogjakarta.

2. Presentation of the activist project by Taring Padi opposing the building of a coal power station at a fishing village in Batang, Jawa Tengah.

3. A talk about the making of the book “Taring Padi: Art Smashing Tyranny”.

Level 5, Ilham Gallery. Admission is free.

Explore culture while doing your part at FAME Festival from Saturday, 4th of March to Sunday, 5th of March 2017

Image: FAME Festival Faebook Page

Presenting the Food and Arts of the Middle East or better known as the FAME Festival, a two-day event happening at Blackbox and Whitebox in Publika! The event aims to highlight the talent and heritage of displaced refugees from Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Palestine currently residing in Malaysia.


Blackbox and Whitebox in Publika.

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