Where To Get Your Bubble Tea Fix In KL Now That Tealive Has Closed Down

Cheese Tea (Image: Royaltea Malaysia’s Facebook page)

Tealive fans, brace yourselves because our go-to bubble tea joint is in trouble.

It all started in early January 2016 when La Kaffa, a Taiwanese company that owns Chatime, had their doubts over the Malaysian counterpart Loob Holding Sdn Bhd reducing its order of raw materials, which led the parent company to terminate master franchise agreement abruptly even though there was more than 20 years left on the initial deal. The most unexpected thing happened after when Bryan Loo, Loob Holding’s Chief Executive Officer managed to convince 162 outlets to abandon their existing franchise agreements and join him under his new venture as ‘Tealive’ – an impressive move if you ask me.

Two years later on 16 March 2018, they hit another iceberg with a lawsuit issued by La Kaffa for misinterpretation and defamation on Chatime, implying that the brand had re-branded under a new name. According to The Sun Daily, Chatime Malaysia Group’s managing director, Aliza Ali said in a statement: “We have given them a considerably long grace period of one year to rectify the issue, unfortunately Loob Holding’s website still holds the two headlines ‘Chatime renamed to Tealive’ and ‘Tealive ganti Chatime’, with a new headline that reads ‘Tealive replaced Chatime’.”

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Just this Wednesday, The Court of Appeal granted an interim injunction ordering Tealive to cease all operations of the remaining 161 outlets following an appeal by rival Chatime on June 27 on the grounds that the company had breached various legal obligations.

The closure of Tealive outlets will definitely be felt by many frequent visitors in Malaysia, and how about the staff that will be effected? Apparently Chatime is now offering to re-employ outlet owners and employees after an overwhelming amount of requests.

While we wait for this fiasco to simmer down and read through the current updates, wouldn’t it be great if we were sipping on a cup of bubble tea right now? Swipe through below for #teamCLEO’s favourite spots to get our fix in KL!

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If you were one of those people who assumed Chatime didn’t exist anymore, well you couldn’t be more wrong. Aside from the popular Signature Milk Tea series, they usually will have exciting new flavours every now and then.

Find your nearest outlet here.

Limited edition flavors by MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia, Dato’ Fazley Yaakob (Image: Chatime Malaysia’s Facebook page)

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