Winner Of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2, Sheena Liam, Is Now Engaged

The Malaysian winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 is engaged to Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic. The couple has been dating for about three years before Ernest popped the question. News broke out when they posted about it on their own Instagram accounts–how cute!

?? #billyagneta

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The marriage proposal happened in Lithuania where the couple is attending a few weddings, according to The Star. With “Marry Me Sheena” sprawled across a giant billboard, the model said yes. Well, technically she said ‘can‘ and we’re lowkey loving the Malaysian touch.

While the couple both posted the same aerial video shot of the massive billboard, their captions were quite different. Sheena (very lovingly) captioned: “Ernest why you gotta be so extra? ?”. As with Ernest, his caption was slightly longer: “Way too tacky and far too small to express how I feel, but I think @sheenaliam got the idea. #shesaidcan #makeromancegreatagain.”

She said can! #Fayancay

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Later on, Ernest posted another photo of the model with the caption: “She said can!” He must be really excited and we can’t blame him–anyone would be!

Image from Sheena Liam’s Facebook profile

Showing the same enthusiasm, Sheena was also quick to change her relationship status on Facebook to “Got Engaged to Ernest Zacharevic”.

As reported by The Star, Sheena said of the wedding: “Summer wedding for Lithuania definitely and maybe one for KL and Penang. We’ll see what my family says.”

Congratulations are in order and we’re so happy for the couple!