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Working With Millennials Summarised Within The Animal Kingdom

Yes, I too am of the Millennial generation, but I’ve gotta be honest, working with each other can either be real fun or end up being a major pain sometimes!

In the 7 years of work experience I’ve had, I’ve gotten the chance to meet, and work with a decent looking spectrum of characters. You’d be surprised to know how you can actually categorise the Millennial work force into stereotyped groups.

Even if this is your first job, or if you’re an intern, I’m quite confident you’d at least have come across 2 groups of animals in your faction on the concrete jungle. Find out how many you’ve spotted below!


1. The Humble Bee

This colleague’s work ethic is usually on the ball, but not unfortunately not always recognised by the higher powers. They’re the type of person that would be amongst the first few to answer when a solution needs to be found. You can find them working through the weekends to attempt to lessen their workload, but as the saying goes, a bee’s work never ends!


2. The Curious Cat

The inquisitive nature of the cat is always on the prowl to be in the know. Their lust for information is not exactly directly work related. You can find them digging out the latest gossip from other colleagues, and would probably have an opinion on any secret relationships within the office. Conspiracies are their vice, and they’ll jump in on any juicy story if they can.


3. The Dolphin

This being can mostly be found in any creative, or media agency. Their appreciation for pleasure fuels their mantra, “work hard, play harder”. Always the first to raise their hand in any after hour activity, if not planning it to begin with. They’re a strong believer in work life balance, but may sometimes take it too far with trooping through a whole workday with the worst hangover ever.


4. The Chihuahua

This colleague can be heard from a mile away, or at least their reputation for yapping can. A person who’s constantly complaining about their workload, if not their bosses or colleagues. They always have a lot to say, but may not exactly have the best execution of work. Their bark is almost always louder than their bite.


5. The Zebra Crossing

Usually someone who’s new in the industry, this colleague is the type of person who can’t tell if they’d like to walk from this end, or the other. They are indecisive and may even jump from one department to the other. It’s highly like that they have a wide skill set, having dabbled a little in this, and that, but may cause issues when they’re unsure about their happiness within the department with interrupting the steady flow of work traffic.


6. The Horse

A colleague that can be found in the background most times – they’re the type of person that just rides their day out. Not anyone to worry too much about if you’re sussing out the competition for a promotion. This being’s content with trotting around in their own bubble.


7. The Vulture

Usually the Gretchen Weiners to a group, this colleague is always picking off the scrap praise from the hunter’s kill. They can be found hovering around an alpha, and is always ready to pick on a wound if they wanted to. They’re the type of colleague that taunts you in the weakest of your moments. Brave through it if you’ve ever come across one!


8. The Shark

A ruthless colleague that can’t give a rat’s a** about whether or not your feelings are hurt. They take what’s theirs and are unapologetic for hurting anyone in their way. Surprisingly, this colleague can make a good friend if you get them on your side. They can be vicious creatures but are also soft at heart


9. The Lion

Ah, the golden child of the concrete jungle kingdom. This colleague almost always has a ray of sunshine following their path. Most of the time found leading their own little team, the lion’s opinion holds high regard with bosses and clients. The only downfall of this being is that they can sometimes be over achievers – something that doesn’t always sit well with their peers because everything they touch has a high chance of turning into gold!


10. The Sloth

It’s not that they’re entirely useless, they’re just a little slow. Sloths are the last to raise their hands, and take forever to complete a single task. Whether they do this on purpose or not is beyond me, but if it was, how genius would that be?? They’re fine with not getting any credit, and may sometimes have a “tidak apa” attitude with their workload.


Most of us only watch – binoculars and popcorn in hand – from afar, while others have come into close proximity and contact even! Some colleagues may be crossbreeds; heck you could be one too. Had a good laugh? Share this article on your timeline, and tag Cleo Malaysia.

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