Would You Rather Wax Or Shave?

Living in this humid country only means one thing; exposing as much as skin as possible.

No, not in a sexual way but more towards the need to feel any breeze that could possibly cool down the skin. I’m talking shorts, skirts, dresses, and anything sleeveless you can get your hands on.

Having to expose that much skin could only mean the need to be hairless (for all of you out there that are born hairless, we don’t need your smirks!) almost every single time. Don’t get me started on the taboo of women having hair on their arms, legs, underarms and private areas.

If you are the kind of person who wants to remove all your body hair then by all means, go ahead. But let’s not judge those who prefer it au naturel.

I’ve always been a shaver. Loyal to my razor for about 5 years now. It never was an issue for me, I was not be prone to nicks and cuts as I was very careful.

The appeal of waxing did not entice me enough to go and grit my teeth through the pain and suffering that comes with it.

But I put on my big girl panties and did it anyway and boy was it an experience to remember.

Here’s the difference between shaving and waxing: 

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What is it: Cutting hair of at the surface with a razor and shaving cream/shower gel.

Pros: It’s easy peasy lemon squeesy. Can be done anytime of the day at the convenience of wherever you are. Painless unless you accidentally nick or cut yourself *ouch*

Cons: The hair is only cut at the surface which means that regrowth time is fast. It takes about a week to 10 days for hair to regrow back to the usual length.

Affordability: Affordable as razors are not that pricey. You can use the shower gel that you shower with to replace the shaving cream.

Warning: You could get injured and then bleed to death on your bathroom floor. Okay theatrics aside, somehow when you nick yourself while shaving, the blood gushes out like cray cray.

Places recommended to shave: Legs, underarms, private area (be extra careful here) and brows.

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