!! You Need To Know About Leo Reilly, John C Reilly’s Super Hot Son

If there’s something about the digital age we live in now, it’s fatigue. Literally everyone is stylish and so beautiful. We have access to our favourite celebrities and they’re just a picture comment away from “noticing me(!)”.

Celebrity children on that same note are similarly so captivating and so, so famous that we know their every move. What Lily-Rose Depp did that day. Who Brooklyn Beckham is dating (who tho?). What Kaia Gerber wore to get that smoothie.

Then there’s the lesser-known celebrity children that lay in the penumbra, just waiting to emerge from the shadows. Enter Leo Reilly, the unexpectedly super-hot son of John C Reilly, the talented actor we all know from so many movies (and we know he’s got range, because he’s the sort that can be in Step Brothers, Anchorman and The Dictator, while acting in The Aviator and Chicago).

Yes, he’s famed and respected for his acting skills but rarely reported or known for his drop-dead good looks.

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100k followers?? nah.. 100k friends 😌

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Leo Reilly, on the other hand, is Gen Z’s gift that they never knew they needed.

In the form of a swashbuckling Freddy Mercury lookalike — a gorgeously chiselled face, a modelesque physique and a fluidity that makes girls and guys go sdfhsdjfhaksdf. (We as women really, really like that he wears nail colour. And sometimes a coloured contact in one eye we think?? Seriously, no lie.)

His gifts to the world also come in many forms, which will be the envy of every and any Gen Z.

For one, he’s a signed model because that’s how beautiful he was created. He’s a fixture at front rows and he was in the Moschino Pre-Spring 2020 show. 



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are you ready to rock n roll ?

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So cute.

He’s also a fashion designer, and if you see on his TikTok he’s done things like mash up a hoodie with denim. (Yes, our stalk game is pretty lit.)

His signature persona also includes: earrings, pearls, coloured nails, and according to this writer at The Cut, “a lush e-boy haircut”.



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what should i do

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He has amazing photoshop skillz and creates art/selfies/Insta posts that make you look twice. And this is something that’s so, so refreshing in this age of fatigue. They’re not just another selfie or another OOTD. No they’re not. They’re art worth gawking at.

Leo is also a musician to add to his already burgeoning Gen Z-worthy repertoire. He has a song on Spotify and you should listen to it. 


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HEY the BOYFREN lyric video is OUT NOW! enjoy 🙂

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