Zalora And BNWRC Raised RM13,000 For Breast Cancer And We Were A Part Of It!

Images Courtesy of Zalora

On Sunday, 13 Oct 2019, e-commerce site Zalora organised its first ever open-to-public #ZaloraFit event, which was the WMNS DVSN SHAKE OUT. In this charity run, which was co-hosted with local community running crew Brand New Waves Running Club (BNWRC), over 180 participants attended for a 5KM fun run at The Central Park, Desa ParkCity.

The all-women pacers at the front of the group.

The proudest thing we can say is that we were a part of this monumental effort in raising funds for Breast Cancer Foundation Malaysia. And it’s amazing that a whopping RM13,000 was raised on that day thanks to the participation from the runners and proud supporters such as Nike, Myoreform, BOBBLE, Babel Fit, Red Bull, FOREO, AITCH, We Are KIX, Sandra Woo and DJ Ion.

We made it to the finish line!

Before anything else, we want to say we learned three things on that day:

1. Runner’s High Is Real!

There’s nothing like a natural buzz and the best way to get it – running. Running to the beat and running with a crew as one was definitely an experience like no other. And this run was the best way to ease someone who was uninitiated: There were two water stops and two stops where we did group body workouts. While it was tough of course, at least it gave us a little breather in between to get stronger than before.

2. Sleep Is So Important

In preparation for this event, there was no preparation by #teamCLEO… Honestly, it was just a whole load of luck and just a lot of ZZZs the night before. The protein-packed shake we had before the run probably helped heaps — and for boatloads of energy, try eating bread slices with peanut butter and bananas.

3. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Seriously! The year/decade/basically 201- is going to be ending in LESS THAN THREE MONTHS. It will be 2020 literally any time soon. So push yourself, try something new, and never think “I could never do that.” That crossed our mind when we got the invitation for this — even 5KM seemed intimidating. But it’s almost possible that you CAN do it. Try anything the next time something comes up.

These amazing medals mean the world to us now.

What we liked from our Zalora swag bag from that day was obviously the participant medal (!!), a brand new WMNS DVSN SHAKE OUT T-shirt, a Nike Training Gymsack (thank you universe!), a BOBBLE sample set (an organic cotton and biodegradable range of period products, made out of 100% certified organic cotton, FSC certified paper & soy ink – and it’s a Malaysian local brand!), a complimentary Babel Fit day pass, vouchers from Myoreform and ZALORA, and educational pamphlets from Breast Cancer Foundation Malaysia.


To solidarity and working out for a cause!

The funds raised for Breast Cancer Foundation Malaysia will be used as financial aid under the Breast Cancer Foundation Patient Fund. The fund is applicable to patients earning below RM5,000 in household monthly income; taking the burden off their transport to appointments, additional treatments (some patients suffer from additional ailments like heart problems due to the cancer treatments, and by then their funds are exhausted), and to lend support in situations where their illness has cost them their employment.

Thank you Zalora!