Dear World, 10 Ways To Deal With Disappointment

So, that was pretty interesting wasn’t it? By now you would have heard about the outcome of the season finale of ‘America’, aka the U.S. Presidential Election. 

If you haven’t, well…

Our take on the matter: is this real life?

You bet it is. Trump has beat Clinton to the presidency punch by winning key races and securing the states of: Wisconsin, Utah, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, Florida and Arizona. All of which were incredibly tight knit races for the two candidates.



To win, candidates need 270 electoral votes whereby Trump achieving well beyond at a current count of 288 whilst Clinton remains at a count of 215.

presendential(Source: CNN)


What now? Here are some ways for you to deal with that lingering disappointment…

  1. Acknowledgement.

Acknowledge your feelings and the inability to change the past.

2. Comfort food. 


3. Rant. 

Let it all out, man. 

4. Acceptance

It’s not your fight, no more. You did what you could.

5. Drink


6. Move away. 

I heard that people have been applying to become Canadian citizens… Go and move to the countries with just-as-corrupt-political-but-not-so-obvious leaders.

7. Strain to see the silver lining.


8. Seek advice

Trump, I guess. 

9. Set new goals and expectations. 

See how the world turns out with Trump in power and then you’ll know better. 

10. Be inspired.

Be inspired. Because if Trump can become President of The United States, then anything really is possible.