What 100 Layers of Makeup Looks Like

While you ponder if three coats of nail polish is better than two, one vlogger went all the way and applied 116. You read that right; 116 layers of nail polish. Cristine Rotenberg, who runs the YouTube channel Simply Nailogical, applied 116 layers of nail polish on four fingers in a feat that took her almost 14 hours.

On her first try, she did not wait for the polish to dry before piling them on top of each other and they eventually started to give way. That however did not hinder the bubbly Cristine, who proves her commitment to the challenge by starting again from scratch!

“My nails seem to be getting shorter and shorter,” Cristine lamented at 96 coats of polish.


Image: Simply Nailogical

The result was a staggering blob of nail polish aptly hashtagged as #PolishMountain. This viral video has since garnered over 15 million views since it was published in June 2016. She then followed up with another similar challenge using clear nail polish which has over 8 million views to date.

The Internet didn’t stop at that, of course. This video spiraled off a trend of overloading makeup as many other vloggers took on the ‘100 Layers’ challenge, layering on 100 coats of some type of beauty product on themselves. Watching them layer it on is, however, not as painful as watching them peel it off. Here are a few videos that have achieved online stardom.

100 Layers of Foundation

YouTube account: Jeely
Quirky quote: “Am I flawless yet?”

100 Layers of Mascara

YouTube account: Nicole Skyes
Quirky quote: “This feels worse than fake eyelashes.”

100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick

YouTube Account: mayratouchofglam
Quirky quote: “I feel like my lips are literally not breathing.”

100 Layers of Face Mask

YouTube account: Jeely
Quirky quote: “It looks like my face has melted.”

If all that’s not enough, vlogger JennaMarbles put herself through the Ultimate 100 Coats of Things challenge in a very amusing video that has raked in over 8 million views since it was published on July 21.

100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick, Foundation, Glitter Nail Polish, Spray Tan, Hair Spray and Fake Eyelashes

YouTube account: JennaMarbles

Quirky quote: “Is it just me, or is it getting beautiful in here?”