13 Tips For Managing Family Stress During The Festive Season

Festive seasons in Malaysia are aplenty, and that means lots of family gatherings, all-day snacking and packing for some of the largest mass road trips in the country. But wait. This season also brings about stress from the family – the obligations, the traditions, the gifts, the questions. Oh yes, the questions.

Not to worry, we’ve got some nifty tips and tricks up our sleeves to keep your sanity this time around!

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Stressor #1: TravelLING

If travelling by car with your parents or relatives:

1. Check apps such as Waze and Facebook for updates on the traffic conditions. Many people think that travelling in the wee hours of the morning lets them avoid the jam, but if everyone thinks that way, that’s when the jam happens!

2. Prepare some snacks and car games to keep things upbeat during the journey.

3. Load up on water, Vitamin C and sleep to keep your immune system in check prior to travelling. You’re already probably going to stay up late nights, drinking and nomming all the cookies in the coming days!

If travelling back by bus, plane or train:

1. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance and check-in online if possible.

2. Remember to hand-carry a jacket in case the cabins are cold!

3. Bring along a mask because you never know if you’ll get a sneezing or coughing neighbour.

UH-OH: If you’re unable to return home for the festive season, don’t be ridden by guilt for not adhering to the tradition. Instead, send some gifts back and plan for a separate visit when you can.

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