20 Unexpected Things You Learn In Your 20s

Whether you’re in your early twenties or your late twenties, it’s a never-ending learning experience! And spoiler alert. You were wrong about everything. Literally.

You don’t really have anything figured out.

But that’s okay. Nobody really does, and everybody’s just fumbling around wondering where the free food is.

Going to bed at a reasonable hour is actually pretty damn cool.

Gone were the days where you go without sleep for days; it’s 8 hours and 8 cups of coffee or you’ll pass out mid-sentence. And naps are friggin’ awesome!

Love takes work.

The people who will do 3am tampon runs for you are the ones that will drive you crazy. But love is a two way street.

Good friends are hard to come by.

And to see your friends, you actually have to make an effort to congregate together at a given place at a given time. Planning is involved now.

Your best friends are crazy.

But that’s fine, because everyone is, and at least their crazy is compatible with yours! The people who’ve seem to have their shit together are just people who are really good at faking it anyway.

Being able to cook a meal without burning the house down is something you’re proud of.

Although you do have all the pizza delivery numbers memorised. (Just in case.)

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You’ll break every diet you have.

But you’ll feel so guilty about it, you’d throw in some gym hours for fun.

Getting fibre is an important part of your life.

Because hey, fruits really aren’t that bad…

If you don’t do your laundry, your clothes stay dirty.

And you know you hit a new low when you start wearing bikini bottoms as underwear.

“What am I doing with my life?” is a daily question.

But then salary day comes along!

College and Uni taught you nothing.

It was a great time and everything, but it really didn’t teach you as much as you thought it would. Your degree was basically a very expensive piece of paper.

It’s really hard to save money.

“Oh, those RM100 shoes are RM20 off, I save RM 20! Wait no, I spend RM80 more than I intended to. But they’re so pretty…”

Success is driven by what you feel, not what you have.

Forget the fancy car, big house, designer clothes, and a high paying job (although they would be pretty nice), you meet all your deadlines and the big bosses know you’re an asset. Sounds like success, alright!

Restaurants and bars are actually better than clubs.

You know, where the music is an acceptable level and you can hear what people are saying.

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But some weekends you will succumb to FOMO.

And end up the next morning feeling achey and swearing to never do that again.

Because hangovers are very real.

The days where you can drink 4 nights a week and still function is for them annoying kids. And speaking of annoying kids…

Teenagers are the most irksome thing to cross your path.

And you’re sorry for everything you’ve done in all of your ten different teen phases.

Social media oversharing is the worst.

Scrolling through social media is all selfies, braggy status update, food pics, vague status update, drunk pics, and overly gushy couple leaving public love notes.

All the qualities you used to want in the opposite sex are dumb.

No really. Think back to all the pretty guys you dated. They weren’t big conversationalists were they?

Your parents are actually pretty cool.

And you’re not ashamed to say you love texting them!