3 Common Waxing Myths For Newbies

So you’ve never tried waxing before and you’ve heard some interesting stories from a friend’s cousin’s neighbour. Well, let us help you get the facts right, allay any fears you may have and send you on the road to silky smooth skin (because it’s going to be worth it)!

“It pulls the skin and causes wrinkles”

Fact: When wax is pulled off, your skin should be firmly held taut for effective hair removal, and not involve any pulling or stretching. Beeswax treatments glides smoothly onto your skin and shrink-wraps around the hair as it cools down, further minimising any tugging on the skin and quickening the process.

“I can’t wax if I have sensitive skin”

Fact: You can wax, but choose a treatment suitable for sensitive skin, such as one that uses beeswax as its key component. Beeswax is popular as a skin-conditioning agent with moisturising properties, so you will walk out with silky smooth skin after!

“It’s excruciatingly painful”

Fact: We’re not going to lie; yes, it can be painful especially if you’re a first-timer or getting hair removed above the lip and at the bikini line. However, some women feel that it is more comfortable than tweezing or threading. Give arm or leg waxing a go if it’s your first time.  The Queen Bee Wax offered by STRIP is suitable for those body areas, and you’ll have a more soothing and comfortable experience thanks to the beeswax.


Did you know?

Bees are naturally treated as pests, causing their population to take a downhill turn in recent times. But they actually play an important role in our financial economy, contributing as much as USD$265 billion worldwide (yes, that includes all that delish honey on your pancakes)! The good news is, the honey-scented Queen Bee Wax uses natural beeswax from sustainable bee farms in Australia. When STRIP purchases beeswax from bee farms around the world, a sustainable income stream is created for bee farmers, helping them continue to care for the bee population! #StripSavesBees