3 Steps To Being Your Own Wellbeing Guru

Are you wound up tighter than a jack-in-a-box? Combat some of the stresses that life brings by being your own well-being guru. Let your true potential shine and follow these three easy steps.

Envision the life that you want.
Start off by asking yourself the question, ‘How do I want to feel in my life?’ If it’s happy, inspired or perhaps courageous, begin building future goals around these feelings and try to bring them to life.

Notice that critical voice.
See a separation between the real you – capable, strong, smart and eager – and the self that holds you back. Move beyond that voice and endeavour to see things through a positive and empowered lens.

Get moving, even before you’re ready.
You need to stop focusing on perfection. Instead, move forward with whatever you’re currently tackling. Once you get going, it will all flow from there.

This article first appeared on the DEC 2014 issue of CLEO Australia