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4 Period Horror Stories That You Can Totally Relate To

We don’t have to tell you how bad periods can get. From the uncomfortable bloating to the crazy pre-menstrual syndromes (PMS), things can get a little messy.

Despite greeting “Aunt Flo” once a month for the past 10 years, we’re still not used to it. Sure, she comes as a surprise at times or makes us anxiously wait for daaays, but one thing’s for sure — you’ll be guaranteed a ruined mood.

We’re in 2018, people, and period problems should be the least of our woes. But nuh-uh, we weren’t blessed with leak-free periods. Here are 4 horror stories told by everyday girls that will just make you nod in agreement:

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Sporty Mess

“I am an athletic person so naturally, I am always jumping around and staying active. Because of this, I tend to spend a lot of time with guys, not girls, so when I first got my period, I was pretty weirded out by it. However, my mum taught me what I had to do and avoid doing. It didn’t strike me that being active meant a lot of movement in my nether region. I was playing basketball with some friends one day and my pad moved with all that vigorous movement. I bled through my shorts and a guy pointed it out to me, out loud. Safe to say, I avoided playing basketball for some time.” – Sharmita Ramachandran, 22, Accounts Executive. 

Laurier Perfect Comfort Maxi Wing 

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