4 Quick Exercises You Should Do To Get A Body Like Rihanna

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Rihanna’s body is pretty wild, wild, wild.

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So when we got the chance to meet and workout with her personal trainer and PUMA Ambassador, Jamie Granger, we can’t help but interrogate her for fitness tips. After all, we couldn’t be the only girl in the world who’s thinking this, right?

As Rihanna’s personal trainer for six years and counting, it’s not a real surprise when our masterclass started even before we hit the mat. “You don’t need a lot of weights or gears for a workout. If you’re constantly on the go [like Rihanna], all you really need is a mat and a little space.”

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While on vacation, we too have tried substituting our exercises with other forms of workouts (read: carrying loads of shopping bags) but classics are still the best. That’s why the push-ups always come in handy.

It’s one of the simplest exercises yet the most effective, because it engages different groups of body muscles, simultaneously.

A push up is not just a tricep, chest and shoulder movement. You don’t want to make the mistake of neglecting the tension in your abdominal muscles, hips and legs. Adjust your form by tilting your pelvis backwards and keeping your butt tight.

You can do your push-ups with a wide or narrow grip but always, always remember to place your wrist in a nearly vertical position under your shoulder if you’re doing the standard push-ups. A wider grip would involve more of your chest while a narrower grip would put the focus on your triceps.

Keep your body straight and don’t decrease the range of movement by bringing your head forward or your hips down. Be conscious of your shoulder blade movement too. When you are pushing yourself down, your shoulder blades should come together; when you’re coming up, they should go apart.

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