5 Period And Birth Control Apps To Match Your Lifestyle

Can you imagine life before apps? Life is hard enough having to juggle a bunch of things — work, school, social life. What more when we have our monthly woes — such a nuisance when we’re not prepared!

Keeping track of your period dates really helps a lot. It’s all about avoiding any surprises. If you know your period’s coming in a few days, you’re totally prepared for it. Same goes for contraceptives. Some days you can get busy and forget to take that all-important pill (erk) or schedule your next doctor’s appointment.

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Because who has the time to do it manually?! We’re here to walk you through the different period and birth control apps that match you and your lifestyle. 

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for girls with inconsistent cycles: Clue

Precisely the reaction we want to avoid. We were wearing VS undies that day, man!

Clue is currently one of the most popular apps that tracks your menstrual cycle. You can enter the details of your cycle and it’ll give an estimate on when your next period will be. It can also track your moods, pain and PMS symptoms, among many other functions. 

PROS: Some of the pros of the app is that it’s great for inconsistent cycles. It’ll notify you when your hormones start acting up (this is always helpful!). The more you enter your symptoms such as how heavy your flow is, your pain (cramps, headaches, tender breasts), your moods (happy, sensitive, sad, PMS), sleep patterns and sex activity, the more accurate the app becomes.  

So far, after being tried and tested, it’s super-accurate and the predictions only vary a day or two. So intuitive!

The app also notifies you when your cycle is about to start, when you’re most fertile and when you’ll have PMS for your next period. It’s also incredibly user-friendly. 

It also uses graphics in its notifications so you can easily understand where you are in your cycle. Cutteee.

CON: The only con is that it can take some time to pinpoint your symptoms when you first start using the app. You’ll need to enter your details as regularly as possible for it to be extremely accurate!

Image credit: Clue

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