5 Period And Birth Control Apps To Match Your Lifestyle

Can you imagine life before apps? Life is hard enough having to juggle a bunch of things — work, school, social life. What more when we have our monthly woes — such a nuisance when we’re not prepared!

Keeping track of your period dates really helps a lot. It’s all about avoiding any surprises. If you know your period’s coming in a few days, you're totally prepared for it. Same goes for contraceptives. Some days you can get busy and forget to take that all-important pill (erk) or schedule your next doctor’s appointment.

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Because who has the time to do it manually?! We’re here to walk you through the different period and birth control apps that match you and your lifestyle. 

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for lovers of cute features and gifs: EVE


This is another period-tracking app you need to know about. Eve has cute features such as the daily “Cyclescope”, a play on a period-related horoscope that shows you fun facts based on your current cycle. Err, was this literally coded just for us???

It also has a community of other Eve users where you can share your period woes with and discuss just about any questions you may have. About sex. So divulge! 

PROS: It has fun and cute features and uses gifs to tell you what’s going on during a particular stage of your cycle. Who doesn’t love gifs?! It also has The Bedsider feature where you can find information on sex education and contraceptives. An example of a topic is “Is it safe to take the pill for years without a break?”.

CON: The one function Eve doesn’t have is tracking your fertility, but otherwise it’s a fun app to use for the girl who wants her sex questions answered and enjoys the community that Eve provides.

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