5 Tips to Shave Your Body the Right Way

How many times have you shaved your legs to wear your favourite skirt, only to find an unsightly razor rash or ingrown hair on your gams? Lucky for you, we’ve got the step-by-step solution for super soft, touchable skin. Flirty skirts, here we come!

The Razor: Invest in a razor which comes lined with strips that have aloe vera or jojoba oil in them. There’s a reason why women’s razors are more expensive than men’s – our skin is much more sensitive than theirs. We recommend the Gillette Venus. Also, remember to replace your razor every six months.

The Gloves: Always, always exfoliate before shaving. It removes the layer of dead skin which will give you a smoother shave.

The Cream: When you’re in the shower, you usually end up using your body wash to shave your legs. Stop right there! Invest in some shaving cream or gel. If you don’t have either, hair conditioner also makes for an amazing close, clean shave.

The Moisturiser: Use an alcohol-free moisturiser to get rid of razor burns and ingrown hair. The Body Shop makes some amazing shea butter creams so good you could eat it!

The Shave: Use warm water and shave at the end of your shower so your hair has more time to soften. Start shaving from your ankle upwards. For your underarms, shave up and down, and then in an “x”.