5 Top Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Love travelling but hate the jet lag? Take down the timezone tiredness.


Land before time – It’s wise to gradually alter your sleep schedule, several days before you actually depart. Pro-tip #1: If you’re flying east, move your bedtime earlier; for trips towards the west, do the opposite and stay up late.

Keep on moving – At the airport, move around as much as possible. Stay active and you won’t feel as sluggish when you board.


Water you doing – The screaming toddler two aisles away may make you want to order a stiff drink but it’s best to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of plain water, avoid alcohol or anything caffeinated that can prolong your jet lag.

Rest and relax – Chill out: Watch a movie, read a book or listen to music. If you’re feeling tired, take a break, and prep to rest rather than dozing off during mid-read or mid-game. Use an eye mask or ear plugs to get real cosy if you’re a light sleeper.


Sunny side up – Tempting as it may be, taking a nap upon arrival is never a good idea. The best way to acclimatise is to go about your day to keep melatonin at bay. Pro-tip #2: It really helps if you immediately change your clock to local time.