5 Ways To Outsmart Cosmetic Sales People

If you’ve got the too nice syndrome, then you probably avoid cosmetic counters like the plague in fear of being roped in to buy dozens of beauty sets you don’t need. But sometimes, these sales people have really good insights and products to recommend.

Here’s how you can make the pushy sales system work in your favour instead:

Ask questions

Treat it like your beauty playground. Be inquisitive and find out about ingredients and application instructions. Ask about a concern you have or about anything you’re unsure about. Have them elaborate on what’s unique about the product and the other available colours (if any).

Don’t buy it just because it’s popular

It’s easy to get suckered in when sales girls tell you about how amazing the product is or how it’s a bestseller. Different skins have different needs so always consider how a product would work for you instead of how it’s worked for other people.

Request samples

Contrary to popular belief, requesting for samples do not make you look like a cheapskate. Smart beauty companies want you hooked on their products, so they’re more than happy to provide you with samples.

You can request for samples outright, or go with the covert traveling lie, “I’m too lazy to pack all my beauty products for traveling, do you have any samples that I can take with me on the plane?”

Inquire about extra freebies

Beauty brands often offer mini treatments, free analysis and consultations, or even vouchers to their customers. So ladies, just milk the cow! Beauty brands depend on an age-old technique called ‘word of mouth’, and all these additional services provided will up the chances of you going home and telling all your buds about their excellent service.

“I need to think about it”

The ‘I’ll Call You’ in the retail world – the easiest way to get away from a pushy sales person is to tell them you need some time to think about it.

They might be having a promotion and want you to get on the bandwagon right now, but thank them for their time and say you’ll come back in an hour or two. Ciao!