6 Things That Make Men More Attractive

There are just some things that make a man so effortlessly attractive, it’s crazy. Comment if you disagree with any of these. 😉

When haircut day comes along.

A lot of guys are ruled by their inner lazy, and they put off their haircut for as long as humanly possible, but when they do go to the barber and get the full works done (haircut and a beard trim), it’s, “Hello, hottie! Where have you been hiding all this time?”

When they’re keeping things clean.

It’s not just a neatly kept head of hair (and facial hair) that’s undeniable attractive, it’s also when they feel (and smell) as clean as they look that gets you feeling all gooey inside. Admit it, a freshly showered man (or one clad in a suit) haunts most of your dirty dreams.

When they smell better than just clean.

Scent plays a large role in attraction – in a recent poll of over 1,000 women, results show ladies are willing to be closer to men based on smell alone. So when guys put in an extra step beyond just getting clean with that whiff of cologne, your heart is almost certain to skip a beat.

When they’re in a suit.

If Barney Stinson got one thing right, it’s that men need to suit up. A well-dressed man is pretty rare in itself, but a well fitted suit is to women what lingerie is to men. Of course, in Malaysian weather, a girl can only dream…

When the inner gentlemen comes out.

Every man has an inner gentlemen, it’s only how often they exercise it. The effortless process of him opening a door, leading you with a hand on the small of your back, or even as simple as actually listening when you’re talking, all things that would drive the attraction meter crazy.

When they make healthy decisions.

A man who works out is hot, there’s no doubting that, but most men could not care less about what they put in their mouths. We’re not talking about a full vegan lifestyle, just an occasional remark on wanting to get a healthier dinner option makes a guy more mature and responsible and in this day and age, maturity and responsibility is definitely very very attractive.