6 Important Love Lessons Every Girl Needs To Learn

Additional Reporting Pamela Choo

Collectively, #TeamCLEO has been through more than their fair share of failed long-term relationships, marriages, dalliances, acquaintances... You name it. Yet before your fingers reach for Tinder, we do have some well-intentioned advice to either ease you through a rough patch, help you through a break-up or just be an important reminder if you're already happy and loved-up.

We also asked an expert, Violet Lim, CEO of dating company Lunch Actually to give her input. And so, here are our lessons in love.

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lesson #2: make sex a priority and have it all the time (if not more)

Healthy sex life = healthy love life

While this makes us come off a little bit #thirsty, it’s only because something like a healthy sex life =  your relationship will thank you. Doing it every day doesn’t mean you have an addiction — it’s actually a healthy way of connecting with your partner after years of commitment.

Based on research done in 2015, couples who had regular intercourse showed lower levels of blood pressure and reacted better to stress. Even though you don’t need us to tell you to have more sex, this is definitely a win-win reason for why you want to keep on keeping on.

Violet says, ‘It would bring the couple closer together and in a way, it helps in putting the focus back on each other. By prioritising sex on a regular basis, it’s also an indication that the couple actually makes time for each other to ignite the sparks in the relationship.’

Her pro tip for making sex a priority? ‘Schedule it in your calendar to make sure it happens!’ That’s right, slot it in your Google calendar rn.

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