6 Reasons To Sleep Naked

Only 10% of people sleep naked, but we’ve got 6 whole reasons to persuade you to go commando if you’re part of the 90%.

It forces (more) skin-to-skin contact.
Sleeping naked gives you more skin-to-skin contact with the person you share the bed with and this kind of contact releases oxytocin. You know, that feel good love chemical? It’s also worth noting that oxytocin elevates happiness, lowers stress and reduces blood pressure.

It makes for healthier skin.

Your skin gets to breathe after being trapped in your clothes all day and this can lower the risk of skin diseases, like athlete’s foot, that result from wet, restricted skin.

It helps regulate your cortisol levels.

Sleeping in the nude regulates your body’s temperature effectively with little to no external factors, and this in turn regulates your body’s cortisol levels. Why exactly is cortisol so important? It’s a chemical produced by your body that triggers appetite, distrupts sleep patterns, increase belly fat, and even lower libido!

It keeps you young.

Sleeping in a cool comfortable temperature regulates your melatonin and growth hormone levels, which basically prevents aging and are essential to your health!

It keeps you vajayjay happy.

Yeast grows in warm, moist conditions. But that’s not a problem if you sleep naked in a cooler and dryer environment.

It gives you better blood circulation.

An absence of elastic bands, bras, or pretty much any other piece of clothing promotes free blood flow all through the body, which only brings copious amounts of health benefits. And besides, health benefits or not, imagine that great free feeling in bed. Isn’t that reason enough to sleep in the buff?