6 Signs The Man You’re Dating Is A Keeper

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No need to be paranoid. Scroll through for the 6 signs that'll show you he's for keeps!

So he’s a great guy; your friends love him and your parents approve of him. But are you going to cry on the shoulder of your besties as you pig out on a tub of ice cream because he was also dating three other girls on the side?

How do we know if he's really, truly a keeper? We confide in an expert, Violet Lim, CEO of dating company Lunch Actually to answer all our burning questions.

Here are six signs that you’ve hooked yourself a keeper and there’s no need for any more ice cream therapy.

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They have BFFs that are more Marshall Erikson than Barney Stinson.

They do say birds of a feather flock together. If his best mates are running around wooing women all over town, chances are his mates and him have that in common. So make sure they’re good birds, not bad ones.

Find out that your man’s BFF resembles a little too much like Barney? Keep away!

Violet says, ‘Well, there are a few signs of bad friends, and if you see your boyfriend around his friends often enough, you should be able to notice these signs. For example, you hardly ever see his friends work (they always play instead), or they would persuade or pressure your boyfriend to make poor and irresponsible decisions.’

Observe what his friends do for a living and how they speak around him.

‘Another warning sign is, when the both of you fight, he would make remarks that his friends “do the same thing” or threaten to “dump you like how Alex did to his girlfriend.” Bottom line is, if you start feeling like you don’t want your boyfriend to hang around with his friends, then you need to ask yourself why.’

Does he constantly make references to his friends when it comes to your relationship issues? When it’s usually a negative reference, you know that his friends are influencing him. And not in a good way.

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