6 Simple Ways to Make Your Day Better

We all have a bad day here and there, but they’re pretty easy to avoid. As a matter of fact, here are six ways to instantly make your day better!

Have a snack

Cranky? Go grab a bite. While eating your feelings like binging on ice-cream when you feel low is not generally recommended, you might just be moody because of low blood sugar. So snack on an apple or some crackers.

Clean up

The last thing you’d want to do on a bad day is tidy up. As a matter of fact, we’ve all been to one of those days where we don’t even put on clean clothes. But a messy environment actually creates more stress on your mind. So cleaning up the general area you’ve set up camp in, might actually elevate your mood a wee bit.

Take a walk

Often when you’re stuck on a project or hit a bump at work your manager will tell you to take a breather and clear your mind. Here’s a secret. It works! Fresh air does wonders for the psyche. Really.

Smell a lemon

The citrus scent of lemons has shown to reduce anxiety in most people. So the next time you’re feeling a bit anxious or stressed, slice some fresh lemon and put it in your water. Or better yet, invest in some lemony eau de toilette and keep it around.


You’ve probably heard that exercise releases endorphins, which fools your brains into feeling better. And yes, it is as effective as that. Apart from the many health benefits of exercise, it’ll also help you channel your aggression instead of internalising it!

Turn that frown upside down

This is a life hack if there ever was one, researchers have found that a physical manifestation of happiness a.k.a a smile, can actually fool the body into thinking it actually is happy. So smile, or better yet, laugh your worries away.