6 Ways To Love Your Body

Your body is your temple, so show some love to it and reap the benefits!

Eat lots of whole grains

Porridge, brown rice, oats, whole wheat flour, anything and everything that you can find. They’re slow burning and therefore releases energy slowly, giving us more throughout the day. This means you’ll end up eating less! Whole grains are also great in protecting you against Type 2 diabetes.

Eat slowly

If you chomp your food down like you’re in a race, your body can’t secrete hormones that make you feel full fast enough – meaning you’re more likely to end up overeating because you still feel hungry. Chew slowly, drink and relax – no one is timing you.

Find a peaceful corner

With most people living in urban areas, traffic, pollution and crowds can get to you. Seek out a quiet spot for yourself – a lake, the library, your garden. Five minutes of peace for yourself per day is pretty awesome.


It’s easier to chill out and relax in a clean and tidy room. Pick up your dirty laundry, put away that mess of papers or, even better, invest in some nifty storage solutions to hide it all!

Know that he loves you

Canadian researches recently discovered that doubting your significant other actually doubles the risk of heart problems. Have a little faith! You don’t want to end up with literally a broken heart.

Get cuddling

When you’re stressed, your body produces more of the hormone cortisol. It increases your blood pressure and slows down your metabolism. And what solves high cortisol levels? Hugs. Doesn’t matter if you’re snuggling your teddy bear or your boyfriend, either way you’re due for some serious cuddle weather.