7 Ways Crying Can Help You Feel Better

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Crying is amazing therapy. “Do not apologise for crying. Without this emotion, we are only robots”, says Elizabeth Gilbert, who shot to fame as author for Eat Pray, Love. While this may seem as a given, there’s more. “To weep is to make less the depth of grief ”, said William Shakespeare, and “If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful”, according to Sophia Loren.

If you ever needed more reason to cry, here they are. So if you find yourself really needing to, especially when things just seem to be a lot to handle, just let it pour out. And if crying in public is not your thing, do it in private and you might just feel so much better. Read the ways crying has been such a therapeutic act for some of us! If you haven’t tried it, we highly recommend it. 


You’ll FEEL So GOOD AFTER Crying

You know that feeling like you just need to vent and release all that emotion you’re feeling? It’s real and it’s even better if it’s with someone close that you trust, who hears you out without judging. “I can let all my deepest emotions out [and] it just feels good, like how ranting makes you feel better, too,” says Michelle, 24, Graphic Designer.


Keeping your emotions to yourself for too long won’t help you in the long run. You’ll slowly start to feel the heaviness build up and as it creeps up on you, you might not even realise it. Jessica, 25, Writer shared with us, “I feel like I’m torturing myself if I bottle up my feelings instead of crying everything out. Also, if I hide my feelings, I find myself [feeling] like a walking time bomb, waiting to explode one day. So it’s better to just cry it out there and then. Don’t be afraid to cry whenever you want. Ignore those who call you a crybaby. It’s better than bottling everything to yourself. Only you know yourself and your own limits.”

You’ll Have Less BAD VIBES

At times, we could simply do away with the negative aura around us, whether it’s because of endless work assignments piling up or pessimists around us. In any case, crying helps to keep you feeling good on the inside despite the negativity around you. And we’ll take more of that, please. Laura, 22, student shares, “It’s a nice way to relieve whatever bad vibes [I’m having, even though] it’s a short term relief.” Also, isn’t it great being able to feel better on your own? So self-sufficient!


Another way crying has made us feel better? Well, it’s a great form of stress release, too. There’s something about just having a good cry when things have been crazy hectic. It’s like you suddenly feel a whole load off after bawling your eyes out. “The number of times I came home crying because I was so stressed out over uni/work is much higher than it should be but I actually felt better and relieved after,” says Hailey, 21, student. “But I definitely recommend it as I always feel lighter after my cry. The pent-up emotions can never be good for you so I always let them come out rather than stay in. I feel like letting go is the best way to move on.”


Then there are those days when it feels like you’re at your wit’s end and you literally could go crazy. Crying can make you realise that your problems maybe aren’t as bad as you think. It could just be you feeling it really intensely at the time. Some of us are feelers and while it makes us really expressive people, it can also take a toll on us when we’re at our lowest. “Sometimes my emotions just take over me or I come to a breaking point after a hard day,” Amelie, 23, Marketing Executive tells us. “Crying is a form of release for me, and one thing’s for sure, it’s therapeutic. It calms me down too,” she says. “Sometimes I may be pushed to a point where I want to do something so ridiculous but as soon as I cry it out, that urge is gone and that problem doesn’t seem so big anymore.”

You’ll Be Stronger While Being Vulnerable

Crying is also a way of being brave to face how you truly feel deep inside. It’s a common perception to think that crying makes you seem weak, but it’s totes not true! In fact, being vulnerable is beautiful and it shows your strength. “I don’t know if it’s a fave reason but I cry because it’s okay to feel. You’re only human and vulnerability is not a weakness,” Su-Yi, 29, Account Manager comments.


When you feel so deeply about something you’re going through, it takes up all your emotional space that you don’t have room for much else — even the happy moments. It’s about how you perceive things in that moment in time. “I often find myself feeling much lighter after a good cry. It’s as though shedding tears frees up space in my heavy heart and overthinking mind during trying times. Embracing how I feel and crying it out instead of holding it in helps me cope, selfsoothe and heal,” says Kah Mun, 28.


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*This story was originally published on CLEO Malaysia July/August 2019 issue.